Pingtan Declaration


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    We, heads of delegation from China, Antigua and Barbuda, Cabo Verde, Fiji, Grenada, Guinea Bissau, Maldives, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Sao Tome and Principe, Sri Lanka, and Vanuatu, having met in Pingtan, China on 21 September 2017, for the China-Island countries Ocean-related Ministerial Roundtable held under the theme “A Blue Economy and Ecological Islands”;


    Reiterating that marine natural disasters of greater magnitude and frequency due to climate change and rising sea levels severely affect the living environment of residents in the coastal regions of China and the island countries, posing new challenges and risks to sustainable development;


    Recognizing that China and the island countries are mostly developing states with similar concerns when participating in global ocean governance, addressing climate change, and promoting the sustainable development of the ocean;


    Recognizing that the Sustainable Development Goal 14 in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides important guidance to all parties in promoting the sustainable development of oceans at local level and through international cooperation, and that all parties wish to strengthen ocean-related cooperation aiming at a solid foundation, great potential and vast prospects for collaboration;


    We, therefore, based on the principles of mutual respect, cooperation on equal terms and mutually beneficial partnerships, will promote wide-ranging and multi-tiered cooperation in ocean-related affairs and commit ourselves to building a “blue partnership” through higher-level and stronger cooperation.


    First, encouraging all parties to jointly establish the blue partnership. All parties shall voice their concerns as equals in promoting ocean governance, share the benefits of international cooperation, jointly create cooperation mechanisms, draw up action plans and implement ocean-related projects. The areas for cooperation include but are not limited to developing the blue economy, protecting the ecology and the environment, addressing climate change, preventing and mitigating marine disasters, combating IUU fishing, as well as managing and reducing marine debris, especially micro-plastics.


    Second, creating a cooperation mechanism to develop the blue economy. We will endeavour to support the efforts by China and the island countries to create a platform for blue economic cooperation through deeper mutual trust, better information exchange, and stronger cooperation in areas related to the blue economy, such as infrastructure development, exchange on technologies, island eco-tourism, sustainable fishery, and aquaculture market expansion. All parties are encouraged to actively foster maritime connectivity, facilitate cooperation among marine industries, and create demonstration zones for blue economic cooperation. We will also endeavour to support efforts by Fujian and other local governments in the core areas of the Maritime Silk Road to enhance cooperation with the island countries, build sister city relationships and thereby share the benefits of a blue economy.


    Third, protecting islands’ ecosystems. We will endeavour to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in areas such as the long-term monitoring of islands’ ecosystems, the protection of marine biodiversity, and the monitoring and study of coral reef, sea grass, coastal sand dunes, coastal estuaries, mangrove and associated wetland ecosystems to improve the ecological health of islands and their surrounding waters. We will endeavour to support the sustainable use of marine bio-resources and ocean energy resources from the islands and their surrounding waters, and support the development of sustainable fishery. We will endeavour to encourage the creation of bilateral and regional research mechanisms for development of marine biological resources.


    Fourth, improving the capability in preventing and mitigating disasters and disaster impacts on islands and their surrounding waters. We will endeavour to promote joint study and research between China and island countries in such areas as response to sea level rise, tsunamis, storm surges, coastal erosion, and ocean acidification. We will endeavour to work together to monitor and study trends in sea level changes against the backdrop of global climate change, and encourage cooperation and exchanges on blue carbon.


    Fifth, developing ocean technology. We will endeavour to support technical cooperation and research capabilities between China and the island countries in such areas as desalination, the comprehensive utilization of sea water, diversified water supply models for islands, renewable energy from the ocean, and marine equipment. We will endeavour to encourage businesses to jointly develop technology and equipment, and actively cooperate in research for mutual recognition and comparison of marine standards and measurements.


    We acknowledge with great appreciation that China is willing to assist the island countries in building their marine capabilities, and proposes the establishment of a China-Island Countries Marine Cooperation Program to support technical exchange and cooperative projects, talent grooming, and professional training. China encourages the island countries to actively participate in the Marine Scholarship of China program. China will hold dialogues and communicate regularly with the island countries, and encourages them to actively participate in the Developing Countries Ministerial Training Program.





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